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Book your Session with one of our Holistic Practitioners 


The Calendar is open for both, in PERSON sessions and by PHONE sessions. When you book a Remote Session please email us and let us know the session is for REMOTE HEALING.

New Service

MONDAY AND FRIDAY are now open ONLY for

Ancestral DNA and Spirits Removal.

                                   GUIDELINES TO REGISTER WITH SCHEDULICITY

1.  Click on Individual Healing Session on the Scheduler ABOVE. Scroll down to see all options
2.  Click on PICK Date/ TIME
3.  The calendar opens, click the blue arrow to move to the next available date in the month.
4.  Select a DATE. A time schedule opens below, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN to see all available times.
5.  Click on the TIME for your appointment. If you don't see a particular time, then it has been taken.
6.  To "Book It" you need to create an ID and  password to allow the Scheduler to remind you of your appointment via email. If you are new Click on SIGN UP HERE. Fill up form and CLICK on BOOK IT!
Suggested password:

"healing +birthdate" or create your own and write it down for future scheduling.

If you have any problems with scheduling or need to reschedule please call us: 506-876-4704





Janice is now offering One on One healing services over the phone. When registering please leave your phone number and country in the notes section. 


click on the left .

Please move forward to the following months to check for availability if the current month is already booked. We are booking our practitioners a month to two months in advance.

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