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Janice Johnson


Janice was born in Saint Ignace, New Brunswick, Canada.  She opened up her health and wellness center, Le Retour A La Source and Doula Naturella in 2010.


Since she was a child, Janice felt compelled to help people.  At the age of six, she naturally became the caretaker of her young cousin who was born with Spina Bifida.  She was very attentive to him and showered him with a motherly love, which played a major role in the path her career took in the later years.


At that young age, Janice had the talent for feeling the energy from people who could not express their needs.  She continued to develop that gift to the point where today she intuitively knows how to help her clients.


Over the years, Janice took many workshops and training in the field of Body, Mind and Soul, which allowed her to assemble a very unique healing toolbox. She is guided by her intuition as she reads the client’s energy field and then she follows by using the healing modality that is needed.  Because of her very highly developed intuition, she often gets inner messages for the person whom she is treating and as she shares this information great healing is achieved.


Her basic training as a Human Service Counselor has helped her greatly in working with the V.O.N. program, Healthy Baby & Me.  She continued in that direction and developed prenatal sessions which she calls “Hypno-intuitive”.  That particular work brought her to a career as a Doula and a practitioner in the field of Hypno-birthing through which she helps couples conceive and experience a serene birthing experience. Janice is continually developing her skills; she has training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Consulting Hypnotist, Metamorphic Massage Practitioner and Hypno-fertility.


In a recent trip to Machu Picchu, Peru where she had the privilege of working with shamans, she was given the opportunity to deepen and widen her knowledge in that field.  These encounters allowed her to add very unique techniques to her toolbox, namely the shamanic practice of using an egg or candle to eliminate negative energies accumulated in the body.  The Egg and Candle clearing techniques have been used for centuries in that culture and help remove the negative energy that clings to cells and makes it difficult for people to grow and thrive.  Often, physical pain, disease and emotional pain vanish after the negative energies are released.  By allowing the physical and emotional ailments to be released, clients discover they can let go of the energies that prevent them from living in the present and they can then begin to experience a productive and happy life.


Janice offers an array of services, all aiming to help people relax, listen to their inner voice and take charge of their lives enabling them to leave the past behind and shift into a more harmonious life. Her many years as a Doula has help her design a very unique program for “Birthing the Inner Child”.


Janice currently lives in St. Ignace and is the mother of two teenagers, Alexandre and Josee.


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