Guided Solo Retreats

Stay at our cabin for a 3-day/2 night personal retreat guided by Shaman Pierre and experience deep profound healing and kundalini activations.

If you feel stuck in your life and you are looking to create a shift this guided retreat is for you. Shaman Pierre will first do an assessment and then create a custom program to address your personal needs. There will be 3 healing sessions, - one per day -, and 3 coaching sessions of 1 hour split into segments to supervise your progress. You will have personal activities throughout the day designed to let go of the past, reflect, and integrate the healing sessions. Campfires are allowed depending on the weather and local restrictions.

The Guided Retreat is an amazing way to create change and profound transformation. Please see below for pricing and healing modalities you can select from...

For more information about renting the Cabin, please email us at

Minimum Stay: 2 nights/3 days

Cost per night: $98/ weekdays and $108 weekends (Includes Fridays)

Cleaning Fee: $20

Check-in: 3 pm

Check-out: 10 am

Healing Session Fee: $125/session

Coaching Session Fee: Included in the package (Normally at $100/session)

Package Total: $650 (Includes all 3 sessions, 3 coachings, and 2-night accommodation -Cabin

                                                              Healing Modalities Menu

  • Shamanic and Spiritual Assessment which includes: Family relationships, upbringing, health issues, trauma, review of clinical history and diagnosis, Ancestral history, Archetypal pattern detection, Chakra and meridian assessment, etc

  • Energy Healing: working with the energy field of the client to help restore and balance the chakras and meridians.

  • Shamanic Sound Healing: Working with a complexity of musical instruments and vocal tones to induce a trance state in order to remove trauma and energetic imprints that manifest in the body as illnesses. Pierre's Shamanic Sound Healing is rooted in the style of the healing work practiced by native "curanderos', medicine men and women of the rainforest of Peru.  Even though Pierre works as the Ayahuasquero Shamans of Perú he doesn't use any medicine plants but the healing effects and manifestations are similar to when working with the Ayahuasca plant.

  • Soul Aspects Retrieval: the client is brought into a trance state and he/she goes and finds aspects of their lives lost in the past. When severe trauma and accidents happen a client's energy or 'spirit' gets trapped in that particular event. Through this process, we revisit the timeline and release the energy that is stuck at that moment in time of the person's life. By doing so, we bring back aspects of the person, the "Anima" so the person feels complete one more time.

  • Past Lives Regressions: there is important information embedded in the energetic centers of some of the 7 chakras, this process allows the client to visit specific past lives to gain knowledge and a deeper perspective of who we really are. Karmic energies from the past are released so that they won't activate on this timeline.

  • Access to the Higher Self: a process where the client connects directly to their Higher Self or Subconscious mind. This process is induced through shamanic trance, the client channels his/her Higher (HS). The HS speaks directly using the client's voice explaining what lessons are needed for the client's spiritual evolution.

  • Chord Cutting and Protection: cutting of chords is needed in many instances to disconnect the client from abusive relationships. In such situations, these abusive people can be family, a boss at work, co-workers, and "so-called friends" that act as energy suckers. 

  • Ancestral DNA Clearing: a process designed to help the client release from their DNA negative traits, bad habits, sickness, curses from the 2 lineages. The bodysuit is inherited and has all the stories of our ancestors. During this process, we invite all the ascended ancestors to come forward to help clear the client and descendants from the wrongdoings of the ancestors. When an ancestor has made a "compacto", a deal with the dark forces to gain power and money, it is their children and descendants who pay for that. It can take 7 generations to clear the wrongdoings of the ancestors.

  • Ancestral Spirit Removal: in this process, we look for "compactos" and deal with the removal of Ancestral Spirits attached to the lineage. Parents and children usually struggle with similar situations in their lives as these negative spirits interfere with having a healthy and enjoyable life.

  • Energetic Attachments Removal:  many people are misdiagnosed as bipolar, suicidal, or multiple personalities. In many cases, people experiencing these mental conditions are a consequence of undesirable energy that interferes under certain circumstances. The unwanted energy attaches and hijacks the person's nervous system to the point that the person doesn't even recall some negative events that he or she portrayed. These memory lapses happen when the entity gains full control of the individual. Usually, these energies make the person do things to others disrespecting healthy boundaries or property. In more severe attachments these entities imprint suicidal thoughts on the person's mind as well as self-damaging thoughts like cutting oneself. These invasive energies, for the most part, find an early wounded person who has been terrorized as a child-like for example a sexually abused child. In this process, there are 2 things done: the removal of the entity and second the healing of the early wound.​

  • Energetic Activations and Initiations: these are initiations where the student will receive an energetic transmission to help them activate inner aspects connected to personal empowerment, soul talents, and dharma - good deeds and traits - from past lives. MOst the activations are energetic transmissions offered by hands or through the transmission of Qi or Prana by using the breath.

  • Removal of the Seals: This is a process designed to remove any seals or branding inserted in a person's energetic field, soul, and psyche in this Life or past life. Generally speaking, these are ritualistic interventions designed to own a person by branding them. In many cases, many Light Workers have died in prior incarnations in a ritualistic way, for example, the Church Inquisition where many seers were killed in a ritualistic way by designated priests. These clients in their current life experience the fear of using their inner eye, intuition, and healing talents, with obvious reasons as they subconsciously feel that if they do so, they will get killed.  The removal of the Seals, remove these unwanted Soul Fears that are unexplainable to any medical therapist. 

  • Surrogate Forgiveness Inner Work = Kuya Forgiveness: This process is designed for the client to work on forgiving any person who has acted negatively in their life. We work with sacred rocks from Perú called Kuyas, meteorite magnetics stones. We start working with the core issue, the wound, moving the client internally to express and release anger, grief, victimization, and finally to forgive. In forgiveness, we stop feeding the energy of the victim and claim our power back. All chords are cut from the perpetrator and the client moves from victim to victorious. Energies left as anchors in the client's energetic field are extracted to leave no trace of the wound. In this manner, the client stops repeating the pattern of attracting a similar person with the same lesson into their lives.