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The Sacred Spiral

Shamanic Apprenticeship Certification



A Two-Year Program  Guided By:  Pierre Garreaud & Janice Johnson

Ascending the Sacred Spiral (ATSS) Apprenticeship program is designed for individuals who take their spiritual development seriously and are willing to commit time and effort to Self Spiritual Expansion. The program is crafted to create deep transformation by engaging the alchemical energies of Kundalini through unwinding the Sacred Spiral. The ATSS teachings are a selected blend of Peruvian Shamanism that includes the Andean Cosmology of the Q'ero, The Mesa Norteña teachings of the Twin Shamans, the Rainforest Medicine, and nevertheless,  the everlasting teachings of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, and Paramahansa Yogananda. This selected combination of spiritual healing teachings has been organized in such a way that guarantees Self-Development and mastery of many healing tools and modalities.

We are committed to Excellence

Students are supported in every way possible during the workshops and after that, with private sessions, if needed. We take our work very seriously and are committed to helping individuals reach their higher potential as they remember their purpose in Life, and Who they really are.

Become Empowered

Deep transformation happens as the shadow self is brought into the Light and fully embraced in the Kundalini Fires.  Mastery as a Healer happens as the student commits to learning and practicing all these amazing tools given to us by our teachers in Spirit, our Mentors, and our Shamans over a period of 30 years.

Heal yourself to Heal Others

As a Student embarks on learning the tools of Ascending the Sacred Spiral not only do they discover their spiritual gifts and talents, but they finally find purpose, drive, and empowerment because they have healed at all levels and their "Radiance" is just a dynamo for an Exceptional Life.

Walk like a Master

It is important "To be in the world, but not of the world" as Jesus said. Only the ones who are awakened by the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit finally achieve FREEDOM. Once you are no more stocked by your shadow self you are on your way to follow the road to Enlightenment.

About Pierre Garreaud

Peruvian Sound Healer and Shaman

As a result of over 25 years of experience in the arts of spiritual development, Pierre Garreaud is offering new programs for the advanced seeker. His spiritual adventures include many years of working with renowned and respected shamans in all native spiritual traditions available in Perú. Pierre started his shamanic explorations in the '90s with Maestro Don Agustin Rivas, followed by the Rain Forest Medicine of the Ashanica tradition with Maestro Juan Flores. Later on, he continued learning the Q'ero medicine of the Inca Priests with Don Francisco Chura, Doña Julia Flores Farfán, and Don Martin Pinedo el Condor of Huasao.


Since 2011 he teamed up with the Twin Shamans, Doña Ysabel, and Doña Olinda to learn from them the Mesa Norteña. Pierre follows the teachings of Jesus Christ as he was born in the Catholic Faith, but it is through Self-Realized Master Paramahansa Yogananda that he really understood the Mystical and Esoteric side of the Beloved Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Pierre received from the disciples of Yogananda the powerful initiation and technique of Kriya Yoga.  

His extended Spiritual and Shamanic training, as well as his personal experiences combined with his unique musical talents, have allowed Pierre to integrate these teachings into a body of work he called Ascending the Sacred Spiral. Pierre had his spiritual awakening in 2003 where the Kundalini energies rosed and combusted much of his present life and past life's karma. His awakening was so strong and transformational that naturally, he let go of his old life to become a healer and shaman. Spirit guided him with many healing talents, bestowing on him an array of teachings that became the foundation for the many workshops he now offers.

Janice & Pierre_ Beyond Mystic small.jpeg

About Janice Johnson

Master Healer & Teacher

At that young age, Janice had the talent for feeling the people's energy who could not express their needs. She continued to develop that gift to the point where today she intuitively knows how to help her clients.

Over the years, Janice took many workshops and training in the field of Body, Mind, and Soul, which allowed her to assemble a very unique healing toolbox. She is mostly guided by her intuition as she reads the client’s energy field and then she follows by using the healing modality that is needed. Because of her very highly developed intuition, she often gets inner messages for the person whom she is treating, and as she shares this information great healing is achieved.

Her basic training as a Human Service Counselor has helped her greatly in working with the V.O.N. program, Healthy Baby & Me. She continued in that direction and developed prenatal sessions which she calls “Hypno- intuitive”. That particular work brought her to a career as a Doula and a practitioner in the field of Hypno-birthing through which she helps couples conceive and experience a serene birthing experience. Janice is continually developing her skills; she has training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Consulting Hypnotist, Metamorphic Massage and Practitioner, Hypno-fertility, and Aroma Touch Trainer for Doterra Essential Oils.


In recent trips to Machu Picchu, Peru where she had the privilege of working with shamans, she was given the opportunity to deepen and widen her knowledge in that field. These encounters allowed her to add very unique techniques to her toolbox, namely the shamanic practices to remove negative energies accumulated in the body. These ancestral clearing techniques have been used for centuries in the Andes to help remove negative energy that clings to cells and makes it difficult for people to grow and thrive. Often, physical pain, disease, and emotional pain vanish after the negative energies are released. Janice offers an array of services, all aiming to help people relax, listen to their inner voice and take charge of their lives enabling them to leave the past behind and shift into a more harmonious life. Her many years as a Doula have helped her design a very unique program for “Birthing the Inner Child”.

Achieving Freedom

The 3 BIG K's

Freedom is achieved once a person clears from the Aura and chakra system the 3 big K's: Past Life Karma, Ancestral Karma, and present Karma. Karma in general are deeds from the past (In Christianity sins) acting as filters or blockers that don't allow a person to experience a joyful and successful life. These filters interfere with how a person lives and sees their life. The natural endeavor of the soul is to seek happiness. Furthermore, the Soul is set on the quest of evolving by doing everything it can to remove these filters. At an energetic level, a subject is constantly creating hormonal reactions to daily triggers based on unresolved Karma or Trauma. We can summarize a pathway as follows: Trigger = Emotional reaction = glandular secretion = hormonal messages = Shift in the Light Body = Aura Broadcast to again create more and more triggers. As you see this is an endless "LOOP" that is created and needs intervention.

ATSS in Training South Direction.jpg

A regular healing session with a trained healer can help remove some of this trauma and karma in 2 or three sessions, but in general, the 3 big K's interact within themselves creating an intricate web that needs to be dismantled. 

Ascending the Sacred Spiral is the process of dismantling the web of the 3 Karmas by engaging the information embedded in the energetic body to further achieve Freedom and further Enlightenment. When the chakra system is fully cleared from Karma and negative information is released from the energetic body, a person finally achieves FREEDOM. To accomplish this task the trained healer has to safely activate the individual's Kundalini Fire. It is only through the process of awakening the inner fire of Kundalini that Karma is burned and as a result, the person finally stops broadcasting karmic signals to others. These signals usually are conveying other individuals to engage as bad teachers, predators, bullies, energy suckers, etc., pushing the client to finally work the 3K’s and evolve by taking action and becoming fully empowered.  The final goal of the Ascending the Sacred Spiral training is to evolve Spiritually to the point that one can move through life "Impeccably", leaving no trace, becoming invisible and invincible. Once karma is resolved in the Kundalini Fires and there is no more negative broadcasting from the Luminous Field to the world, the individual finally achieves FREEDOM. How can we define Freedom? Freedom is a state of mind that allows a person to be in the world but not engage in the drama of the world. There is nothing karmically (unresolved as energies) in the Light Body that will pull and attract other people into one's life to trigger an experience that needs to be resolved in order to learn a lesson. A person is FREE, at peace, joyful and happy. After this spiritual state is accomplished a person can continue into Self Realization and Enlightenment, but not before all karmic debt is burned by the Kundalini Fires.

Past Live Karma

When we are born we bring into our current life Karma and information from Past Lives that will play out for the sole purpose of accomplishing spiritual evolvement. As the karmic lessons are burned and lessons are learned the person evolves.  These stories and information are embedded in all the different bodies of a human during the fetus's body temple creation. The Light Body/Aura and the chakra system is the interface that allows a trained healer to have access to this information which seeks resolution and completion.

Ancestral Karma and Ancestral Spirits 

Our body temple is created by our parents and inherits all the information, traits - good and bad -, karma, and dharma of the parent's lineages. This information = stories, traumas, bad habits, genetic illnesses, and more, live within the created body temple. Under certain circumstances, triggers of this Ancestral Karma can be activated by visiting different world locations and people. This information is embedded in the DNA of the person and can be accessed through the interface of the chakra system and Light Body. Ancestral Karma and Ancestral Spirits act like curses on the person as the wrongdoings of the 2 lineages work against the client's happiness and success.

The inherited ancestral karma transferred to the person's body upon birth will always seek to resolve and will keep playing out as a loop unless it is burned in the Kundalini Fires. In Christianity, it was Jesus, not John the Baptist who baptized the disciples in the flame of the Holy Spirit, meaning Jesus had the power to activate the Kundalini Fires of His disciples and merged the Soul (female) with the Higher Self (Male). As a result of this Sacred Initiation, Jesus connected the disciples to the Divine Network of Higher Knowledge and Higher Consciousness. Ancestral Spirits are one of the hardest energy forms to be removed as they appear to work from a space that is not localized in the person's Energetic Body. These entities have easy access through ancestral inherited openings in the chakra interface/DNA portals and can mentally control an individual.  People cursed by these Ancestral Spirits are misdiagnosed as Bipolar or are in many cases, characterized as having multiple personality syndrome.

Present Karma and Trauma

This segment is self-explanatory. In one's journey, people have the capacity to make right or wrong decisions, but in some cases, their capacity to make decisions in life is done by others against their will. Present karma is generated when an individual makes the wrong decision breaking social rules and hurting others. When other people disrespect an individual's boundaries as in the case of perpetrators, abusers, or war, the person, the receiver on the other end is traumatized. Present Karma and Trauma need to be cleared from one's life by burning it in the Kundalini.

During the training, students learn to heal themselves as a result of using the ATSS spiritual tools and techniques taught throughout the apprenticeship and personal training sessions.

Through the training as healing and awakening happens students will be ready to start helping in healing their clients.

Awaken Thyself to Awaken Others

ATSS Group Drumming small.jpg

Training and Activity Photo Gallery

Ascending The Sacred Spiral  The Program

Week 1 Program

South Direction of the ATSS Medicine Wheel

This is a 6-day workshop, students will learn the ATSS techniques to unwind the Sacred Spiral and activate the Kundalini Fire. Teachings include the following subjects:

  • Breathing techniques

  • Hand activations and energy movements

  • Working with the pendulum,

  • Merkaba Star creation and activation: male and female stars and 1st chakra circle

  • Creating the Andean Mesa, a bundle of power tools

  • Working with Kuya Sacred Stones 

  • Working with the element of Fire

  • Vedic use of purification with the Sacred Fire of Agnihotra,

  • ingesting the subtle energies of Fire with the belly Qosqo center to activate the Merkaba

  • Activating the Kundalini and understanding the Kriya movements

  • unwinding the Sacred Spiral to release trauma, unwanted energies, and Past Life information.


Sound Healing Tools: Pierre will teach how to use rattles and drums to induce a trance-like state and also how to extract energies with those two instruments.


During this week we concentrate on the first chakra, - the first 7 years of existence -. By using the ATSS tools students will assist client's in their journey to healing and awakening by extracting embedded negative data and information in the chakras that will help them move forward in their spiritual evolution. There will be profound deep healing through raising the Kundalini Fire. Other topics: Removing fear. Kundalini maintenance diet. Students will receive training and after the first direction, they will be ready to use the tools and techniques learned with their clients.


Week 2 Program

West Direction of the ATSS Medicine Wheel

This is a 6-day workshop, students will continue working on the 2nd and 3rd chakras looking for relevant information that needs to be cleared. This week is crucial as we work to remove blockages from past lives connected to the sexual and power centers. Archetypal work: predator and victim. In past lives, many people have either abused power or sex. In some cases, some were predators and others victims. Understanding this information is crucial to help release and clear karmic information that has localized physically in the client's body as illness. We will continue using tools learned from the first-week program to help to raise the Kundalini Fires. Use of ATSS techniques to work with Present Karma and Trauma, exhausting the energies of abuse and trauma. Working with the Merkaba Star: We add circles 2 and 3 to the Merkaba Star and sacred stones from the 1st chakra work. Sound Healing Tools: Learning to use crystal bowls, Tibetan Bowls, and Bells.

Connecting with the subconscious mind to help retrieve lost pieces back into our conscious mind. As with soul retrieval, there are aspects, pieces, and energies from our 'Anima' or Spirit that fragments and are taken by predators, accidents, surgeries, and trauma in general. With the ATSS tools, we access directly the subconscious mind to help us retrieve important pieces of the Self in order to feel complete again. In the Mesa Norteña tradition, this process is called Susto Removal or Removal of Shock Damage

Week 3 Program 

North Direction of the ATSS Medicine Wheel

This is a 7-day workshop, students will work on Chakra number 4th, the Heart Center, and the 5th Chakra, the Throat Center. The Heart is the catalyst to Enlightenment it is located as the center controller between the 3 lower chakras and the 3 upper chakras. Teachings revolve around forgiveness, self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance. During this week we work with the Sacred Kuyas Forgiveness Circles, the Infinity-Heart technique to raise Kundalini, the Ancestral DNA Removal Technique, and the Ancestral Spirits Removal technique. We also use the ATSS techniques to work with Present Karma and Trauma. Sound Healing tools: we learn to use our voice for healing, other instruments: native American flutes. Merkaba Star: adding circles 4, 5, 6, and 7, and Sacred Stones for chakras 2 and 3.

Week 4 Program 

East Direction of the ATSS Medicine Wheel

This is a 7-day workshop, students will work on Chakras number 6 and 7th. Opening the Third Eye, raising the Kundalini to help the third eye become open and solid. Intuition, knowledge, and Wisdom. Ceremonies of the Holy Spirit, Kristos Magdalene Activations. Removal of the Seals: wounds at the Soul Level done through ritualistic death in prior incarnations, removal of slavery-branding archetypes. Sound Healing tools: We learn how to use toning with our voice, mantras, and Icaros: native Peruvian chants to call multidimensional Light Beings to aid in the Healing. Freedom Celebration. Merkaba Star: We add Sacred Stones to complete our work to all the chakra circles. Working with the subconscious mind by giving it a voice, tapping into the Higher Self the voice of eternal wisdom and knowledge.

Janice & Pierre_ Beyond Mystic small.jpeg

"Healing is the 'insatiable need to seek help' so our Ego Self can feel better, Spiritual Awakening is freedom beyond healing."

COST: Two-Year Program - ATSS Medicine Wheel

The Ascending the Sacred Spiral  Program is taught over the course of 2 years. We do the South and West Direction of the ATSS Medicine Wheel in the first year and continue with the North and East Direction the following year. Each Direction is done on 2 weekends, we call each weekend a Module. So every Direction of the Medicine Wheel has 2 Modules, 3 days per module, making a total of 6 days per Direction. The entire program consists of a total of 8 modules. 

For this 2023 year, we are adding a second option, students will be able to take the South and West Directions as a full week instead of splitting the Direction into modules. This is to help people coming from a different country or from far away in order to save them time and money while traveling. 

The Cost per each ATSS Medicine Wheel Direction (2 weekends: 6 days) is CAD 1,800.00. 

The price includes the workshop teachings, accommodations, and meals.

Innzen provides several sleeping options. You will have a room or tent with a comfortable bed. All meals will be served at the main house. There will be 3 meals during the day. There is also an outdoor kitchen for use. We have an outdoor bathroom with a shower and a comfortable toilet. 


Option 1:   Serenity Cabin to be shared by  2 people. Two beds(Bunk bed), inside toilet, outdoor shower.                  

Option 2:   Shaman's Cabin:  1 double bed. Cabin can be shared by 2 people ( A couple). Outdoor Bathroom.

Option 3:   Blue Light Room:  1 double bed. Cabin can be shared by 2 people ( A couple). Outdoor Bathroom.


Option 3:   Healing Room (Innzen’s office inside the house). Sofa Bed and Murphy bed in the healing room.

                     Toilet and shower inside the Main House.

Option 4:   Big Glamping Tent. Two People, 1 Queen Bed and 1 Day Bed. To be shared by 2 people. Outdoor Bathroom.

Option 5:   Main House bedroom, 2 Single Beds

Option 6:   Tent, 2 Single Beds

The pricing above is for only one of the 4 Direction Programs. Pricing will be similar for the other 3 Directions of the ATSS Medicine Wheel training. Upon completing the 4 Directions, students will be eligible for a Certification of Completion in the Ascending the Sacred Spiral - Medicine Wheel Shamanic Apprenticeship. A student needs to complete the 2 modules of each of the directions as there is homework that needs to be presented after each Direction Program.

2024 Dates the Program is Offered

3-day modules, 2 modules per direction. 


MODULE 1: MAY 31 - June 2, 2024

lodging starts at 1 pm Lunch and Orientation at 2 pm. The program ends Sunday at 3 pm

MODULE 2: JUNE 28 - 30, 2024 

lodging starts at 1 pm Lunch and Orientation at 2 pm. The program ends Sunday at 3 pm


MODULE 3: AUG 30 - SEP 1, 2024

lodging starts at 1 pm Lunch and Orientation at 2 pm. The program ends Sunday at 3 pm

MODULE 4: OCT 11 - 13, 2024

lodging starts at 1 pm Lunch and Orientation at 2 pm. The program ends Sunday at 3 pm


MODULE 5: MAY 3 - 5, 2024

lodging starts at 1 pm Lunch and Orientation at 2 pm. The program ends Sunday at 3 pm

MODULE 6: JUNE 14 - 16, 2024 

lodging starts at 1 pm Lunch and Orientation at 2 pm. The program ends Sunday at 3 pm


MODULE 7: AUG 16 - 18, 2024

lodging starts at 1 pm Lunch and Orientation at 2 pm. The program ends Sunday at 3 pm

MODULE 8: SEP 27 - 29, 2024

lodging starts at 1 pm Lunch and Orientation at 2 pm. The program ends Sunday at 3 pm

                                            Payment Schedule

You can make payments via PayPal with a credit card. If you want to send us an Interact deposit please let us know. To RESERVE your spot please make a deposit by following the link below. The price below includes 15% CAD Tax.

     Registration For a weekend Module:  $900.00 CAD                Or                     Pay in full for a Direction/ Two Modules: $1,800.00 CAD

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Certification upon completion of each Direction

Upon completion of each direction of the ATSS Medicine Wheel, you will receive a certificate stating you have successfully achieved the requirements for that direction of the Shamanic Apprenticeship. 


1.- Soon after attending the 6-day program of each direction, and within a reasonable time, you will submit 3 healing cases to our office email explaining your work as a healer.

2.- The 3 cases will be evaluated.

3.- Once we finish the evaluation process we will issue your Apprenticeship Certificate for that Direction. 

4.- Right after that, you will be allowed to use the healing techniques you've learned in your healing practice.

Subjects taught in the ATSS Shamanic Apprenticeship 

  • Shamanic and Spiritual Assessment which includes: 

Family relationships, upbringing, health issues, trauma, review of clinical history and diagnosis, Ancestral history, Archetypal pattern detection, Chakra and meridian assessment, etc.

  • Energy Healing: 

Working with the energy field of the client to help restore and balance the chakras and meridians.

  • Shamanic Sound Healing: 

Working with a complexity of musical instruments and vocal tones to induce a trance state in order to remove trauma and energetic imprints that manifest in the body as illnesses. Pierre's Shamanic Sound Healing is rooted in the style of the healing work practiced by native "curanderos', medicine men and women of the rainforest of Peru.  Even though Pierre works as the Ayahuasquero Shamans of Perú he doesn't use any medicine plants but the healing effects and manifestations are similar to when working with the Ayahuasca plant.

  • Soul Aspects Retrieval: 

The client is brought into a trance state and he/she goes and finds aspects of their lives lost in the past. When severe trauma and accidents happen a client's energy or 'spirit' gets trapped in that particular event. Through this process, we revisit the timeline and release the energy that is stuck at that moment in time of the person's life. By doing so, we bring back aspects of the person, the "Anima" so the person feels complete one more time.

  • Past Lives Regressions: 

There is important information embedded in the energetic centers of some of the 7 chakras, this process allows the client to visit specific past lives to gain knowledge and a deeper perspective of who we really are. Karmic energies from the past are released so that they won't activate on this timeline.

  • Access to the Higher Self: 

A process where the client connects directly to their Higher Self or Subconscious mind. This process is induced through a shamanic trance, the client channels his/her Higher (HS). The HS speaks directly using the client's voice explaining what lessons are needed for the client's spiritual evolution.

  • Chord Cutting and Protection:

Cutting of chords is needed in many instances to disconnect the client from abusive relationships. In such situations, these abusive people can be family, a boss at work, co-workers, and "so-called friends" that act as energy suckers. 

  • Ancestral DNA Clearing:

A process designed to help the client release from their DNA negative traits, bad habits, sickness, and curses from the 2 lineages. The bodysuit is inherited and has all the stories of our ancestors. During this process, we invite all the ascended ancestors to come forward to help clear the client and descendants from the wrongdoings of the ancestors. When an ancestor has made a "compacto", a deal with the dark forces to gain power and money, it is their children and descendants who pay for that. It can take 7 generations to clear the wrongdoings of the ancestors.

  • Ancestral Spirit Removal: 

In this process, we look for "compactos" and deal with the removal of Ancestral Spirits attached to the lineage. Parents and children usually struggle with similar situations in their lives as these negative spirits interfere with having a healthy and enjoyable life.

  • Energetic Attachments Removal: 

Many people are misdiagnosed as bipolar, suicidal, or multiple personalities. In many cases, people experiencing these mental conditions are a consequence of an undesirable energy that interferes under certain circumstances. The unwanted energy attaches and hijacks the person's nervous system to the point that the person doesn't even recall some negative events that he or she portrayed. These memory lapses happen when the entity gains full control of the individual. Usually, these energies make the person do things to others disrespecting healthy boundaries or property. In more severe attachments these entities imprint suicidal thoughts on the person's mind as well as self-damaging thoughts like cutting oneself. These invasive energies, for the most part, find an early wounded person who has been terrorized as a child-like for example a sexually abused child. In this process, there are 2 things done: the removal of the entity and second the healing of the early wound.​

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