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Guided Retreat
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June - Oct 2024


Innzen Wellness

Home of "Le Retour à la Source"

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Guided Retreats

  3-day Inner Journeys

We can describe Le retour à la source as an oasis where you are invited to let go of your daily activities and responsibilities and focus on your well-being. You can schedule a private session with us, join a group meditation, or participate in one of the various workshops held regularly at the Center. Le retour à la source has a double meaning; it literally means coming to the spring (la source in French) that you can find on the grounds, and it also means getting back to the source of life- your inner self.


When you walk through our door, you may feel full of love or you may be searching for a lost love that may be buried under the burden of some of your life experiences. 


Open yourself to receiving what Le retour à la source can offer and you will leave here loving yourself more and with a heart overflowing with love that you will probably want to share. On the grounds of Le retour à la source, you will be pleased with the vast property and the apple trees that stand proudly at the end of the field, behind the Center. You can’t miss, in that field, the 77-foot labyrinth.  Take time to walk through it and discover the intensity of that stroll towards your inner self. You can also build a fire in the designated area to warm yourself up or simply to proceed with an exercise of « burning old energies » and bad memories that may still haunt you. You may also simply want to sit by the fire as pure enjoyment.

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Shamanic Apprenticeship

2024 Registration is now open

Support Our Work

Janice and Pierre are two dedicated individuals that help the world by healing and awaken one person at a time. Within their work at InnZen Wellness  Center- their big dream - they have plans to expand their facilities by adding new cabins and creating sacred spaces for people to do inner work. Please support their DREAM...

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 About Us

Janice Johnson and Pierre Garreaud are experts in the work of personal and spiritual development. They invite individuals who are committed and want to expand their personal and spiritual talents with the goal of becoming the best version of themselves.  By carefully empowering their clients, individuals are better equipped to achieve professional and personal success.


Through personal therapies, workshops, and experiential retreats, Janice and Pierre help their clients obtain growth in the areas of self-esteem and self-worth; much-needed ingredients for overall success.


Both Pierre and Janice have done many years of personal work.  Dedicated training that includes hypnotherapy, shamanic work, sound therapies, energy therapies, essential oils, and many more.


With over 30 years of experience, Pierre Garreaud has studied with many teachers of native origin, renowned healers in the field of Andean Cosmology, Ayahuasca and the Peruvian Northern Mesa. Pierre has a Bachelor in Music from Berklee College of Music, Boston. He has many years in the field of meditation, he was initiated by the disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda in the art of Kriya Yoga. Pierre has developed his own healing modality that he calls with Sound Light Healing Therapy which is rooted in  Peruvian Shamanism.


Janice Johnson, from a young age, developed her healing talents, intuition, and telepathy as she took care of her cousin who had Spina Bifida and could not speak, see or walk.  Janice is a Hypnotherapist, Doula and a  self-taught Energy healing practitioner. Gifted with great intuition, Janice communicates with clients' deceased loved ones, achieving resolution and healing for many of them.

The Meditation CD is an audio file. Once purchased you will receive an email with a link for download. You can download the art cover by clicking on the pictures to the right. Thank you.

Caution: Do not listen to the Meditation while driving a vehicle.

To learn how to use the Essential oils with this meditation please contact:  Janice Johnson

Chakra Meditation With

Essential Oils


Pierre and I are very happy to share with our international community our second CD collaboration. This Cd is a great merge of our talents; a perfect blend of Pierre's voice, flute playing, music production plus my meditative voice. The beautiful script was channeled through both of us and it was also nurtured with great information from Doterra essential oils. This recording was made in prayer and devotion. We both cocooned ourselves in Divine Light as we opened Sacred Space to record my voice. The Healing Vibrations that came through are imprinted in this amazing meditation and will continue to deliver loving healing energy and Spiritual Activations to the many listeners. It's very powerful indeed!

New Service

We are so happy to announce this new service. After 7 years of working with renowned healers Doña Ysabel and Doña Olinda we are committing to provide this amazing healing tool to help with the healing of negative traits in the lineage of the Father and the Mother. According to them, sickness like cancer, diabetes, mental illness cannot be inherited by an individual. When these illnesses move through the lineage from grandparent to a parent it is an inherited karmic debt that is being paid because of the wrongdoings of a previous ancestor. 
Luckily, these karmic debts or illnesses can be cleared by this new process given to us by the Shamans.
The Ancestral DNA Clearing & Ancestral Spirits Removal is done in 2 separate days. The Cost is  $180.00 per session. Two sessions are required.


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  Con Puma Sonco

En Español

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