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End Human Trafficking

At Innzen Wellness we are committed to supporting the rescuing of children that are being trafficked around the world for sexual exploitation.

We have been putting prayers for the missing children for many, many years. In all our prayer mandalas, "despachos" we are consistently and constantly praying for the little ones, yet prayers need to be accompanied by actions... so we decided to get involved with O.U.R.

Operation Underground Railroad, O.U.R. is a wonderful Non-profit organization created by Tim Ballard, ex CIA navy seal agent making a real difference in rescuing and rehabilitating children, and as well, putting criminals in jail.


We have created a campaign that starts this July 30th to help fundraising money to support rescuing children via Operation Underground Railroad. We need your Love, prayers, and financial support.

Our Gift to you

Pierre has created a beautiful song called "Shadows of Love", it's the story of a parent that has lost a son to child trafficking. The song's MP3 audio is available for you to download on this website. Click the link and download it.

Donate Now
Click Below (You will be redirected to O.U.R)
Please send us an email letting us know you did so we can thank you personally. Thanks
God Bless You!!
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