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RainForest/Machu Picchu Tour * Nov 10- Nov 24, 2015

Vision Quest Tour: Ayahuasca & San Pedro


An 11 day  Journey into the RainForest and  an optional 4 day to Machu Picchu, Perú. A guided tour and exploration of the mystical domains of  the Ayahuasca Medicine  and San Pedro plant.  We will commune with the trees in the forest and the spirits of the jungle. We will learn from the wisdom that speaks through nature.  Personal contemplation, meditation, some yoga,  vapor baths on lava rocks. and many walks in the rainforest.    * Tour Guided by Pierre Garreaud *


Nov 10 - Nov 20, 2015

Tour Cost: $2,300 USD

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Deposit: $1,300 USD

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Balance: $1,000 USD

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Additional option

Nov 20 - Nov 24, 2015


Tour Cost: $1,000 USD

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A Magical Place for a Magical Experience


At the heart of the rain forests of Perú, lays the most amazing and mystical place that Mother Nature could have ever created. A natural hot spring bursts within lava rocks, bringing to the surface the healing waters of Pachamama’s womb. ‘Renaco’ trees, wisdom keepers of the rainforest whisper captivating songs as they move and dance in the sensual mist created by the hot spring. The Spirit of the jungle it’s alive, it vibrates and sings the names of the ones looking to awaken their Soul.


It’s at the center of this natural wonder, within lush green vegetation that native Ashanica Healer ‘Curandero’, Maestro Juan has created a Retreat Center to offer the magic and sacredness of Ayahuasca.

A Balanced Eco-system


Being at this natural wonder is like coming back to the Garden of Eden. Everything is in the right place,  in perfect alignment with Mother Nature. All things are where they are supposed to be. An eco-system working at its best where man and nature work together with respect and sacredness for each other mirroing the intertwine that happens between the Ayahuasca vine and a tall tree.


Ayahuasca Healing Medicine

Every year I bring a group of people to come and experience the psychotropic plant of Ayahuasca. This plant is known as the mother plant for its shows the shamans the mystery and wisdom of all the existing plants in the rain forest. Ayahuasca is a medicine; it heals people at many different levels. As a sacred plant it works at the level of the emotions helping people clear traumas, clear depression, anger, stress and anxiety to name a few. At the physical level it helps people with diabetes, cancer, tumors, energy depletion, as well as many unknow maladies. At a spiritual level Ayahuasca helps with stimulating the pineal gland, which is the gland that works as the stargate to enter the spiritual dimensions.

A Safe Experience and Self Nurturing


I am really honored to work in collaboration with Maestro Juan, a very kind soul, a mystical explorer of the universe and all of its dimensions. His Ayahuasca medicine is pure and kind, gentle and sweet, yet very powerful and unmistakably transformative.


Here at the center, the divine feminine pours out from the womb of mother Earth. The guardians and keepers of this land acknowledge that it's through the feminine that we expand spiritually. The male shamans, stewards of this mystical place walk in perfect balance within their inner male and female energies. They know about nurturing and caring for others as they walk with kindness and compassion.

Ayahuasca gives you what you need 


Maestro Juan and the shamans work side-by-side with the students by helping them during their soul journeys. A student may travel into the underworld guided by their soul to go looking for pieces that they need to retrieve. The student my also travel to the higher dimensions to connect with their spirit guides and their higher self. Many things can happen during these journeys, a student might travel back in time to a moment where trauma occurred. The medicine brings the memory forward so that the shaman, who is observing very closely can help heal the wound. There are many different kinds of experiences. The student will receive whatever is needed at the moment for their spiritual advancement. Ayahuasca gives you what you need and not what you want.

Preparation: 'Dieta'


To come into communion with the Ayahuasca medicine one needs to approach it with reverence and sacredness. It is very important that participants diet two weeks before coming to the rainforest. Diet in Spanish means 'dieta'.  Detoxing prior to experiencing the medicine plant is a requirement as it will help participants with having powerful visions. Ayahuasca is a vision plant, diet and fasting helps with preparing for the experience.


Things to avoid prior to taking the medicine: spicy foods, hot peppers, alcohol, drugs and sex. Abstinence pays off when Ayahuasca activates the serpent of kundalini within the inner pathways of the spine.

Our Inner Work....


During our trip we will study the different worlds, we will interpret our journeys, our dreams, heal our traumas, awaken the kundalini pathways and set ourselves up for awakening consciousness.  We will be fully and completely guided, nurtured and taken care of in a very safe manner by the shamans. The most important thing when participating in this kind of experience is to feel safe. Safety is our priority.  Our retreat center is a  magical and safe place, designed within the mystical surroundings of the Hot Springs and rainforest. It is very Safe and relaxing; the perfect location for experiencing the magic of Ayahuasca.


Certification: Shamanic Aprenticeship 

This tour can only be a one-time experience or it can be part of a certification program in working with medicine plans of the rain forest.  Students can decide later on if they want to continue with the shamanic apprenticeship. The apprenticeship in the study of  Medicine Plants of the rain forest will take four trips the Center, all of 15 days of training under Maestro Juan in order to get certified as a shaman.

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