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Dissolving Tumors with Intentional Sound -Greg Braden

Have you ever imagine that a tumor inside the body can be dissolved? As a Sound Healer I am totally convinced this is absolutely possible. Janice and I have a client who was going to have surgery a day after our Wednesday meditation. The lady happened to come to meditation where she was exposed to intentional sound vibrations as well as direct energy healing from Janice. After meditation we all agreed that something had moved and that deep healing had happened. The following day, the lady went to the hospital and as an ultrasound was performed before the surgery the Doctor said they were unable to find the problem and sent her home. They told the lady to please forgive them, they had diagnosed her incorrectly.

Wouldn't it be great to not have to go under the knife and that a simple Intentional Sound Healing procedure could be performed?

I am looking to capacitate and train people with SoundLight healing tools that are interested in exploring the possibility of dissolving tumors. Currently, the existence of sound frequency machines are already in the market attempting this procedures. My belief is that there is nothing out there that can replace the human factor: Intentional Sound, love vibrations, empathy, kindness and compassion.

II have created a therapeutic sound platform that I have called "Sacred Sound Healing Circle" (SSHC). Students who have trained as a SSHC practitioner direct intentional sound to only one person who is seeking deep healing. The subjetc is placed on a chair in the center as the group of sound healers surround him in a cacophony of sounds. Every atom, molecule and DNA of the subject is vibrated for over 30 minutes with an entire gamut of instruments and vocal sounds creating internal shifts of energy, reestablishing the meridian system, unblocking natural energy currents in the body and bringing profound healing. At the level of the brain, the subject is brought to a higher level of consciousness where the ego plays no interfering roll; a theta and gamma state. In this altered state of consciousness the subject can connect to the Divine Matrix - The Healed Blueprint-, the Higher Self, thus allowing spontaneous healing to happen.

Following is a fascinating video and explanation from scientist Greg Braden on the power of Belief, Intentional Sound and the power of group work. As he said this is not a miracle it is a Healing Technology.

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